Brand and Marketing Strategy for Technology Innovators

We create market strategies for today’s innovators,
building tomorrow’s technologies.


Brand and marketing expertise right for the phase and stage of your company.

To successfully build technology brands that get noticed and sell products in a global marketplace, you need access to the expertise that’s right for the phase and stage of your business.

Kollectively's team of seasoned brand and marketing consultants enable you to tap the talent you need, when you need it. We’re experienced, high-functioning and self-directed marketing experts who thrive in ambiguity without the hand-holding.

Meet Our Team

The experts you need, when you need them.

When time is of the essence and in-house hiring is dragging on, we’ve got the experts to step in and answer your needs quickly. From IoT to blockchain and from ruggedized hardware to Ricardian smart contracts, the Kollectively team has worked with clients innovating in hardware and software.

Our clients have helped solve industry challenges in manufacturing, utilities, logistics, finance, healthcare, government and much more. If you are looking to bring in experience that runs wide and deep, we’ve got you covered.

What makes us different

Our network of experts understands what it takes to break through a noisy market. We’ve started our own companies, created new categories, raised capital. We’ve endured defeats with humility and learned to apply successes to other businesses.

We know tech.

The tech arena faces unique challenges. A longer buying cycle, or more audience education, or slow adoption curves. That's where Kollectively comes in to play. Our team has developed impactful brand and marketing strategies for a wide range of industries and technology sectors.

Not only do we draw on that richness of experience in every engagement, it makes us quite fun at a cocktail party.

Who we've worked with

A networked consultancy of senior strategists

Whether its strategy, content, design, or digital marketing—we provide the most efficient, cost-effective solution to putting top talent on the job quickly.