Our Advantages

Access trusted and experienced marketing leadership best suited to addressing your technology company’s opportunities and challenges.

We prize agility and efficiency without sacrificing quality or accountability.

01 100% focused on technology and innovation

We’ve worked with over 100 technology companies, from brands you know now to those you will know soon. We’ve walked the path of a founder, done our own startups, helped business scale, and worked with large enterprise.

Clients include Fintech, Blockchain, IoT, Digital Health, Utilities, Logistics, SaaS and more. Technology is what we love, it’s where we focus, it’s what we do.

Industry depth and breadth / Proven and tested / Domain expertise

02 Bringing simplicity to complexity

In the tech arena, translating complex technology solutions into something that is understandable and relevant for buyers is critical. From Blockchain to Fintech to Digital Health and beyond, we’ve built strategies that clearly define and communicate complicated, even transformative innovations simply.

Every engagement starts with the deep discovery and immersion needed to identify your key business challenges and opportunities, analyze feedback from your customers and stakeholders and translate that into the differentiated market positioning and actionable steps needed to achieve your short term and long term goals.

Market research / Choice driver discovery / Craft key messages

Kollectively has the uncanny ability to identify the signal from the noise. They helped us distill and develop our brand and stake a new market position. This new positioning enabled us to run highly targeted and integrated campaigns, dramatically accelerating our growth.

– Chris Hiliard VP Growth, TelemetryTV

kollectively kollectively

03 Strictly senior-level strategists

Our network of senior-level brand, marketing and business experts each average more than 15+ years of experience. Each member of our collective brings the requisite skills, experience, and quality to deliver impactful work to client. We never pitch with senior strategists then hand you over to a junior team. Our senior experts are leading every step of your journey.

Highly-qualified / Time-tested / Ramp fast


04 Quality, capacity
and agility

We run lean, and we operate agile. Depending on the stage of your company, we can supplement, build or help you resource your strategic and marketing needs in a smart, efficient way that fits your growth plans.

We can operate as a part-time executive addition to your staff, or simply provide strategic guidance on key projects.

Nimble / Expert / Fractional

05 Value-focused

Our collective builds an expert team right-sized for your business. You only pay for the expertise you need. You aren’t paying extra for our corner offices (we don’t have any).

We use a practical, virtual model to source the best minds, blending at-client and remote work arrangements and supported by our tech stack.

Lower overhead / Flexible, cost-effective / Accountable

By keeping our overhead low, we are able to compensate and attract senior talent, and deliver more cost-effectively than most agencies.